Best Maine Restaurants Near Our Searsport Inn

Best Maine Restaurants lobster rollIf the first food that comes to your mind when you think of Maine is lobster, that’s fine. We do know our seafood and 90% of the country’s lobster comes from Maine – but the Pine Tree State has so much more to offer than seafood shacks and lobster rolls. Read on to learn about the best Maine restaurants near Captain Nickels Inn.

The state of Maine is home to 3,478 miles of coastline. Only Florida and Louisiana can boast more, so it is no wonder that seafood would be a staple. Maine’s not all coastline, however. Our state also has a bountiful inland, with dairy farms, potato fields, low-bush blueberries, and much more.

Maine cuisine has long roots that stretch back to Colonial times and well up into Canada. A collection of classic drinks and dishes known for their simple spicing, stick-to-your-ribs heartiness, and back-to-the-land farm-to-table ingredients.

Life tends to move a little more slowly here than elsewhere, a fact reflected in our authentic, unfussy foods. In Maine, the focus in the kitchen is more on purity and freshness than elaborate technique.

That doesn’t mean you can’t expect to enjoy any fine dining during your stay, however. Far to the contrary! Our Searsport bed and breakfast is surrounded by amazing dining options of all kinds, as you’re about to discover.

Best Maine Restaurants Near Searsport

Best Maine Restaurants fiddleheadsBelow are our suggestions for some of the best Maine restaurants in our area.

You may notice that the locations run the gamut from Camden to Belfast, Northport, Rockport, Bucksport, Stockton Springs, and Ellsworth to right here at our own inn. While a few of these restaurants are a little over 30 minutes from our Searsport inn, most are only 10 or so minutes away. Those that are a little more out of the way are not only well worth the drive but are also in areas you’ll likely enjoy seeing during your visit, anyway.

Have fun exploring both the beautiful Maine coast and our wonderful array of dining options. Step outside your culinary comfort zone and try something new – it may become a favorite!

Fine Dining

Franny’s Bistro – 55 Chestnut Street, Camden – (207) 230-8199
The Hoot – 144 Bayside Road, Northport – (207) 338-4668
Long Grain – 20 Washington Street, Camden – (207) 236-9001
Nina June – 24 Central St, Rockport – (207) 236-8880
Satori – 108 Main St, Belfast – (207) 218-1563
The Hichborn – 10 Church St, Stockton Springs – (207) 322-8307
Rio’s Spiked Cafe – 357 West Main St, Searsport– 207-548-4016

Local Gems

Best Maine Restaurants corn chowderDarby’s – 155 High St, Belfast – (207) 338-2339
Delvino’s – 52 Main Street, Belfast – (207)338-4565
Nautilus – 3 Main St, Belfast – (207) 218-4218
Fon’s Kitchen – 132 High St, Belfast – (207) 218-1007
Hey Sailor – 25 E Main St, Searsport – (207) 306-9132


Carriers Lobster – 10 ME-46, Bucksport – (207) 469-1011
Union River Lobster Pot – 8 South St, Ellsworth – (207) 667-5077
Young’s Lobster Pound – 2 Fairview St, Belfast – (207) 338-1160


The 1874 Tavern – 127 E Main St Searsport – (207) 548-1104
The Front Street Pub – 37 Front St, Belfast – (207) 338-8900
Rollie’s Bar & Grill – 37 Main St Belfast – (207) 338-4502