A Murder Mystery Weekend at Captain Nickels Inn

Take a Step Inside Our Special Event

Recently we were thrilled to host our exciting Murder Mystery Weekend at Captain Nickels Inn! Though we can’t go back in time and give you a chance to join in on all the fun, we are excited to share the weekend with you so you can see the photos and get an inside look at our unique event.

Main Room at Captain Nickels Inn

Kicking Off the Festivities with an Inn Tour

Friday started off with a tour of the inn, giving guests a chance to familiarize themselves with their surroundings before the clue hunting started. Can you spot Captain Nickels? Only those that truly paid attention during the tour knew where to find Elizabeth, Captain Nickels’ wife.

Drinks & A Bite to Eat

After the tour, we moved into the 1874 Tavern for cocktails and a cheese tray, giving everyone time to mingle and get to know one another before dinner. Robin and Bob of RLawtonSquared, the wonderful writers of our mystery, set the tone with a couple rounds of Guess the Mystery Author!

A Delicious Dinner & Despised Guest

Dinner was provided by Delvino’s with a decadent wine pairing by Cellardoor Winery. After dessert, Bob and Robin Lawton set the stage for the weekend’s mystery:

A group of mystery authors are invited to the private island of a mystery novel connoisseur. One of the invitees is despised by all, and when he turns up dead, everyone is a suspect.

Accommodations for Every Detective

With full bellies and a budding mystery on their minds, our guests retreated to their cozy guest rooms to prepare for the next day’s activities.

Sleuthing on Saturday

On Saturday morning, guests dined on waffles with raspberry butter served with local maple syrup. Once everyone had eaten their fill, the hunt was on!

Searching for Clues

Scattered around the first floor of the inn were hints and clues. Sneaky hints lead the guests to clues, and clues lead them to finding out who the killer was.

Taking a Guess

Our guests-turned-detectives spent the rest of the morning deciphering riddles and putting together puzzles. By the end of their hunt, they had enough information to make a guess, even if that guess was wrong!

Guests Dress to Impress

Saturday night’s fantastic dinner was catered by the wonderful Delvino’s as well. Guests were encouraged to dress as their favorite fictional detective while they dined and for the play portion of the evening, and they truly delivered!

A Winner Solves the Mystery

As dessert was being served, we collected everyone’s guess for ‘whodunit’. The killer was revealed during a play in which all of the guests took on the role of one of the novelists invited to the island. Only one of our guests got to take with him the bragging rights of solving the mystery, but a great time was had by all!

Saying Farewell After the Fun

Sunday morning marked the end of everyone’s trip, but certainly not the end of the fun. Breakfast was spent discussing the plot in the dining room as everyone said farewell to their new friends.

Stay Tuned & Join Us Soon

Sound like fun? Keep an eye out for our events in 2020 – they’re to die for! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram and check our blog periodically to be sure you don’t miss any highly-anticipated events that may be coming up. We would love to have you join us at Captain Nickels Inn for another puzzling event soon!

Looking Towards Spring

A tapestry of vibrant blooms, where sunlight dances on shimmering shores

After a busy summer season, the inn will be quiet for most of the winter as we continue our renovation projects and grab a few quiet weeks rest for ourselves. Our hearts are turning towards spring, eager to bask in its transformative magic.

We have a pop-up weekend of March 1st and 2nd – we would love to see you!  Book two nights and save with our multi-night discount.

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