Experience a Maine Lobster Boat Tour

Maine Lobster Boat TourExperience the life of a lobsterman and see Maine’s iconic coast from the water with a fun and informative Maine lobster boat tour!

As you are likely already well aware, Maine is famous for its lobster. In fact, our state’s lobstermen are responsible for 80% or more of the country’s lobster harvest, each year. That’s a lot of lobster!

Few treats can compete with an authentic Maine lobster roll. Folks travel from afar to enjoy them and other lobster dishes fresh at their source – and who can blame them? Yet the Maine lobster experience can be so much more than just a tasty treat.

Lobstering is a Maine tradition going back to the 1600’s, though lobster popularity didn’t really take off until the 1840’s. Little about the harvest has changed over the centuries, despite the industry’s venerable age. 100% of Maine lobsters are still harvested by hand from small boats, one trap at a time.

Now you can experience the life of a lobsterman aboard a real Maine lobster boat!

The Maine Lobster Boat Tour Experience

sorting lobsters on a Maine Lobster Boat TourIf you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be a Maine lobsterman, a lobster boat tour is for you!

Lobster boat tours provide a first-hand experience of the daily lobstering routine aboard a Maine coast lobster boat. Learn to haul, bait, and set traps, measure the lobsters, and prepare them for market. You’ll also learn some Maine lobstering history and see a variety of marine wildlife.

Every tour is unique but you’re guaranteed a salty, ocean air experience with iconic views of Maine‚Äôs scenic coastline, likely including at least one lighthouse, if not more. This is Maine, after all!

Lobster boat tours are available up and down the coast and we would be happy to help set a tour up for you through any of them.

Downeast Boat Company Lobster Tours

lobster in a trap on a Maine Lobster Boat TourIf you’re looking for recommendations, we suggest Downeast Boat Company, located at the Belfast Public Landing (3 Main St, Belfast, ME 04915). This is just a short drive from our Maine coast bed and breakfast, Captain Nickels Inn.

Downeast Boat Company offers a nearly two hour lobstering tour aboard an authentic, working Maine lobster boat. Sit back and enjoy the sights and sounds of the beautiful Belfast Bay as you learn all about Maine lobstering. Those looking for a more hands-on experience can also suit up in overalls and help pull in the lobster traps. Exciting!

Belfast, ME is a lovely Maine coast village with a fantastic historic district, lively arts community, excellent dining, shopping, and more. It would be very easy to combine your lobster boat tour with explorations of Belfast for a full day of fun on the Maine coast. All less than 15 minutes from Captain Nickels Inn.

Is there something special you hope to do during your Maine coast getaway? Let us know. We adore sharing beautiful Maine with out guests and would love to help.